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When we hear Parimies (Greek for proverbs and sayings) we often say “I remember my grandmother saying that”, but we probably never fully captured the power and depth of these words. Even though the young generations of migrants of the diaspora may have been exposed to the language of the Parimies by their parents and grandparents, the beauty and strength of the messages, was only vaguely understood as the next generations experienced a language barrier which prevented full comprehension and appreciation of these proverbs.
During author Demetrakis (Jim) Ioannou’s childhood, Parimies comprised a rich part of his parents’ and grandparents’ vocabulary who often conveyed messages to them through the powerful tool of these proverbs. The wisdom, philosophy and logic of the Parimies fascinated him as a young boy. He made a promise to himself that one day he would present these ancient gems in a way which he hopes will ignite a spark of inspiration to be carried through to future generations.
Well, this is what this book, INNER BEAUTY IS WHAT COUNTS, is all about. He stayed true to his goal and after four years of research and hard work, he put before you every aspect of the fascinating world of the Parimies. He hopes that the humour and sadness of the stories used as examples will resonate with you dear readers and give you an insight of the richness of the Greek /Cypriot culture family values and life in general.



a book by Demetrakis (Jim) Ioannou

446 Pages

Published by
Xlibris on September 30, 2015

Book Tags
Social Science | Customs & Traditions

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